We are just in love with our fabulous Ivory Vintage Wedding decorations; even if we do say so ourselves.

Gone are the days of artificial flowers being an alternative to fresh floral arrangements. With faux flowers being so like the real thing in almost every way they can be seen to even be better than the real thing – as we say!
With a fabulous array of colours; and floral choice; faux flowers (if hired from a good decoration company (nudge nudge wink wink )); are also bound to work to even the most limited of budgets.
Artificial flowers are much better than their name portrays. They like their fresh floral sisters; are bound to create atmosphere and a sense of joy to those around. But unlike the fresh kind, they are not only better for the environment; will help with those with allergies; and can be used at even the most in opportune seasons throughout the year.

However in our opinion the real beauty of “better than real” flower displays; are the sheer decadence; their truly outstanding beauty; the utter indulgence and the joy to behold.. so come on hands up for flowers… even the wonderfully artificial kind!!