Balloon Arch

Balloon Arches

A great way to promote your business and draw some attention in!! Balloon arches will certainly make your business stand out from the crowd! Our balloon arches are perfect for your event, no matter what your needs. Available in a range of different colours, shapes, sizes and materials, we really can tailor this decoration to suit your event requirement

“Triple Row” Balloon Arch – Made up on a bespoke basis, our extra special “triple row” balloon arches, will certainly turn heads! Made a in a choice of colours to work specifically for your colour scheme. Extra large for maximum impact, this triple row balloon arch is sure to create a big impression. Available in a myriad of colours, this decoration can be made to suit your indoor or outdoor event. Tailored to suit your needs this bespoke decoration will certainly turn heads! One of our largest balloon arches, please let us know the height and width required, and whether you would prefer the

“Latex” Balloon Arch – Our “Single Row” balloon arches are a great way to add a focal point within your room setting, whether it’s behind a head table, buffet table, or to “frame” an entrance – a simple yet effective way to add a little bit of colour!!Choose from a range of colours to mix and match, from vibrant reds and blues to contrasting blacks and whites. A fantastic way to tie in the various colours of your colour scheme!

Foil Balloon – Arch  – Made using our highest-quality foil balloons, this arch is available in any size you choose, making it perfect for use in a variety of locations. Bursting with vivid colour, this is a decoration that can make your event come alive. Available in a variety of colours, our foil balloon come in different sizes, and in either a heart, star or round shape.

We have shown below just a few examples of some Balloon Arch Decorations:


Shown below are just a few of our  balloon arch decorations: