Welcome to our website. We have put a few frequent questions and answers below..

What is the minimum spend value?
Our minimum spend is £100.00 ( for DIY items ); or £300.00 on hire items that require delivery / collection.

Do you have a minimum order value in order to set up or deliver the items?
Our minimum order value to set up and deliver the items is £300.00. We can deliver and collect items to various locations based on a min. order spend of £300.00. The delivery and collection charge is based on the location of the venue and the time frames for set up etc. The delivery / collection fee will be quoted on all new orders. We offer FREE fitting on site on all orders over £500.00.

If we want to collect the items our self, where do we collect the items from?
Certain items can be collected from our West London office on a DIY basis. We normally ask for the items to be collected on the day prior to the event (normally Fridays at midday ) and delivered back to our office on the day after the event (normally Monday midday); although please do let us know if this is not suitable.

Can I view the items in person?
Most of the items can be viewed within our West London office. Due to the number of items that we have in stock, we do not have all of our items on display in our showroom. As such we do ask if it would be possible to let us know which items we would like to view in particular; so that we can book an appointment to view the items in person.

What information do you need in order to provide a quote?
If you would like us to provide a quote, please can you let us know the location of the venue and the date of the event. If there is anything in particular that you would like us to include please let us know; along with your theme or colour scheme; and an idea of your maximum budget, so that we can send information on suitable products.

Which areas do you cover?
As we are based close to Heathrow / West London on the border with Surrey.  Our many years of experience means that we are well versed to cover central London, the M25, and the surrounding counties. These include Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Oxfordshire, Essex and Sussex to name but a few!!

How long will you need to set up the items?
All quotes unless specified are set within a min 6 hour timeframe – with complimentary parking on site and collection the day after the event. Please let us know more information with regards to setting up and collection timeframes, if this is not going to be suitable? If you are able to find out the earliest and latest timeframes for both set up and dismantling that would be helpful, although we will contact the venue nearer the time to find out more about this along with access and parking information. Please note, if we are unable to set up within the specified timeframe or if the items need to be collected “out of hours” an additional surcharge may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Do you ask for any other fees other than the ones quoted?
When hiring goods from So Lets Party our terms and conditions state that a refundable hire deposit will, in most cases, need to be paid in advance of the booking. This is pre-requisite and would cover loss / damage to goods. The amount required is dependent upon the quantity of goods on hire, and will be refunded, as per our terms and conditions. On confirmation of booking with So Lets Party – you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions – which will be sent prior to confirmation of the booking.

Do you offer site visits?
With regards to site visits; we try to keep our prices as low as possible and as such do not normally provide these unless the items need to be customized for the specific venue. The way we normally work, would be to ask you to send over as many photos of the venue that you can; along with further information such as your theme; colour scheme and if you need any specific products; ie chair covers. From there we would send over ideas, photos and prices and generally go from there.Please do contact us if you need more information.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer free set up / dismantling on all bookings over £500.00. We also offer various competitively priced packages that start from £100.00 on a DIY basis, and also offer a 15% discount on all bookings over £800.00.

Do you provide ceiling decor?
Yes we do. We would need to see some photos of the venue as well as dimensions if possible; so that we can ascertain whether we would be able to provide ceiling decor at the venue per se. We wouldn’nt normally visit the venue to check for installation of the draping; until confirmation of the booking. Prices for ceiling drapes would normally start from £700.00, plus the delivery and collection charge ( based on the location of the venue and the timeframes for set up etc). The actual cost for the draping is also dependent on the size and style required.

Do I need to book sooner or later?
All of our bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately we cannot reserve a booking without the initial deposit payment, and a our terms and conditions signed and returned. We would normally ask for a 25% deposit to reserve the booking, with the final payment ( and refundable deposit / bond ) due four weeks prior to the event.
Prices for ceiling drapes would normally start from £700.00, plus the delivery and collection charge ( based on the location of the venue and the timeframes for set up etc). The actual cost for the draping is also dependent on the size and style required.

I would like to offer your services to our client.. is that possible?
Yes, please do contact us for more information on our services and the referral fees applicable. We work with various venues and have various testimonials if required.

Can you provide other items than those shown?
Yes, we have quite a lot of standard items that are shown on our website. If you would like us to provide venue dressing, or have a photo shoot; or are just looking for something a little different, please do contact us for more information on our custom made / bespoke service.

Who is So Lets Party?
We are an event hire and venue decoration company that has been established for approx 10 years.

What experience do you have?
With a background in Interior / Spatial design; event management; balloon decoration and floristry; our love of creating events and providing the best service that we can offer; is at the forefront of everything we do.

Where are you based?
We have an office close to Heathrow / West London on the border with Surrey.

Do you set up the items or do we do it?
We have a minimum spend of £300.00; for setting up / delivery or collection. Items that do not require us to specifically set them up on site, can be collected from our offices; on a DIY basis; in which you can collect and return them; as required.

Do we have to provide all of the information; regarding set up or will you contact the venue?
We will contact the venue on your behalf, to discuss the items we will be due to provide and will also confirm the set up and collection arrangements.

Do I need to pay a deposit.
We ask for a deposit of 25% to secure the booking, with the full amount and the refundable deposit required within four weeks of the event. We will also ask you to read through, sign and return our terms and conditions; in order to secure the booking.

Can I cancel the booking?
Yes we can cancel the booking if it is over four weeks prior to the event. We will return your funds; less a 25% admin fee. If the event is within four weeks, we charge 100% of the deposit; as the items have been reserved especially.

How can I pay for the items?
We normally ask for payment to be made by bank transfer; or cash on delivery. If this is not suitable do contact us; as we might be able to offer other solutions; but there may be a small surcharge.

Do you have any promotions or special offers?
If we have any special offers or promotions these will be found on our main category pages. If you want to increase these package quantities or would like slight variations, please do let us know. The packages normally show the minimum quantity provided; unfortunately we cannot offer packages that are lower in number; but we should be able to increase these if required. Other than that, if your looking for a certain amount of items but these are not included in a package as such; please do contact us as we might be able to offer a discount on the items required.

How can I work for So Lets Party?
If you are looking to work for us, please do send in your CV with a covering letter. If we have any vacancies we will look through these initially and will contact you for more information.

Do you offer any training courses?
We are available to offer professional one to one training. If this is of interest, please contact us with your details; letting us know what you hoping to achieve from the course; and your availability.

For more information on our services, please do contact us for more details.