Star Wars / Outer Space


Outer Space Themed Event

Don your space suit, board your rocket, and get ready to explore the solar system with our Outer Space themed events! Perfect for parties and all manner of occasions, this exciting theme will capture your guests’ imagination and ignite their party spirit.

Explore a galaxy of decorations and accessories

Our “Out of Space” themed event package brings together a whole galaxy of decorations, props, and accessories that will allow you to transform your event venue into a solar system of fun, frolics, and entertainment.

With everything from contemporary lighting, super sized cut outs, balloon detailing, space themed props, and crazy space men, through to entrance decorations, starcloths, and draping, don’t be surprised if your guests think they’ve been transported to another dimension!

We’ll make sure your event is out of this world!

Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced décor experts will ensure that your Outer Space themed event is truly out of this world! Bursting with ideas and concepts, they’ll help you create your vision, and then unleash their creativity to bring it to life. We’ll even take care of the delivery and collection of all the props, decorations, and accessories, so you can concentrate on other elements of your event. Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply come and collect your chosen decorations from our storage centre and then return them once the fun’s over. Either way, it’s sure to be a wonderful event!

So are you ready to create the ultimate Outer Space Themed Event? Soo..then let’s Get Started!

Whatever the occasion, get in touch and we’ll help you create the ultimate Outer Space Themed Event that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Contact us directly so that we can put together your very own Outer Space themed extravaganza!!