Light – Coloured – Drape Background


We provide a wide range of draping to suit your requirements; high on style and rich in detail; whichever one you choose; our “Detailed” drape backgrounds are all set to create the right background to get your party started!

Our wide range of backgrounds vary from our fabulous luxurious golden drapes, through to our high on elegance ivory sheer draping effects and lots of combinations in between. Which ever you prefer our drapes and draped backgrounds will be sure to transform your venue.


Some of these detailed drape backgrounds are meant as focal point; or to form part of a larger area of drapes. Or lovely “Central” drape background for example; has just the right amount of detail to the central area; making this exclusive drape background the perfect way to create a fabulous feature behind your head table, or to your room setting. Another of these, include our “Decadent” drape; with just a hint of show business; these crescendo drape effects, are a wonderful way to showcase your event. Available in silver or gold, these fabulous drapes set a background to be remembered; and an evening never to forget!!
Others like our “Stamford” drape background; are perfect if your event is calling for that extra bit of glamour. This particular drape; set with a monochrome background along with added touches of detail effects; will certainly set the scene for that extra special gala, or red carpet event.
Or perhaps something like our “Classic Grecian” Drape background; will work well with your event setting. This fabulous design will work well with a wide variety of event settings. Versatile and yet dressed to the nines, this elegant drape background, can also be used in conjunction with our white gathered drapes, to create a continuous draped area around the room; or provide a cost effective detailed area; within the space. For the sublime, perhaps our fabulous Sequin Drape Background’s are just the ticket! Available with Gold or Silver sequin detailing. Create a night to remember with this fabulous sparkly number!

If perhaps you are looking to add some colour into your venue, then our classic background draping with coloured drape details; might be more suitable. Available on a bespoke basis, these lovely details, can be the best way to personalize your space. When colour is just not enough, then why not ask us about our fabulous light effects. A sure fire way of creating a fun filled event setting that can work with the most adventurous of room settings!

Or if you are just looking for that starry night effect; then perhaps our black “fairy light” drape background is the perfect way to bring some dazzle into your party setting.

Whichever you choose our wonderful range of drape backgrounds are a great way to create a space; to remember!