We cannot lie summer definitely has to be one of our favourite seasons here at So Lets Party! It’s a time of outdoor events, open windows and lots and lots of super summer loving!! Whether you are hosting a special celebration, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, corporate event, awards ceremony or a first birthday, we are here to make sure your event goes to plan.

We offer a wide range of Do It Yourself items that can easily be placed in-situ with the minimum of hassle. Choose from our wide range of items shown on the DIY pages on the website. Alternatively if you need us to deliver and collect the items please do let us know more details for a full quote.

With so many years in the industry we have plenty of experience in helping to set up your event if that’s what floats your boat and if you are planning on having something made up specifically we’re your man!

Basically let’s get this summer vibe in place and get your party started!! We have a wide range of DIY items, bespoke and custom pieces to help you to create the perfect background to your extra special event.